Combining the best of nature and science into highly effective formulas, Rhonda Allison Clinical skin care products make it possible to create real change in the skin. From softening fine lines and wrinkles, to soothing sensitive, reactive skin and compromised barriers, to minimizing and refining enlarged pores, treating and correcting acne skin, reducing pigmentation, and maintaining normal healthy skin, Rhonda Allison offers solutions for any skin challenge.

Not just another mainstream skin care line, Rhonda Allison made a deliberate choice to bring more active formulas to the market that require professional guidance in the use and application of the RA Systems. For this reason, Rhonda Allison products are available exclusively through licensed estheticians only.

Lira Clinical utilizes the highest quality and most technologically advanced ingredients to deliver superior skin care. We produce our products with exclusive formulas using topical probiotics, multiple plant stem cells, advanced peptides, exclusive botanicals and various skin nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Lira Clinical is “The Next Level of Skincare.” Our FDA compliant labs create the latest in ingredient science offering you skincare correction, maintenance, and prevention. Our team of skincare and medical professionals along with expert chemists have developed our products with precision and pride.